The olive-groves lie between 50m and 150m above sea-level. Made up of the main Tuscan and local varieties such as Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino, Maurino, Pendolino,Leccio del Corno, and others like the Coratina and the Picholine.
Most of the trees are centuries-old, only a smaller part is of about 25-30 years age.

All the year round we have to take care of the olive-grove, starting with the pruning and shredding of the old fruit branches, the cutting of the grass under the trees and the clearing out of suckers at the bottom of the plants, then finally the harvest.

We put in practice the measure 214 (Integrated pest control), with the aim of a specific use and reduction of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, intervening only if strictly necessary.
The olive residues, the so-called “Sansa Umida” is used as fertilizer and spread under the trees, giving them back organic nourishment and microelements.

The oil-mill

At present, Fonte di Foiano works with an advanced two-phases-plant, developed by the “Toscana Enologica Mori”, it makes it possible to use a could pressing in modified environment (vacuum). The oil-mill is the most important part of the farm, because it is here, where the processing of olives into oil takes place. Healthy olives are, beyond doubt, a fundamental basis, but it is in the oil-mill where working-experience and professional know-how come into play. Oil is not just “olive juice” and healthy olives are but its “ingredients”, it is the skillful processing and the knowledge about the variables of processing which allow us to get a high quality produce with special taste . Wrong crushing, harvest and kneading can ruin even a produce coming from excellent olives. The oil-mill is completed by the storage facilities, with stainless steel tanks under nitrogen and controlled temperature and by a modern bottling line.

The harvest

Harvest is always a delicate moment we wait for. It is carried out separately for the production of the Varieties in Purity and the Grand Crù, and mixing the olives for the Traditional Blend. We harvest by hand, with the help of harvest sticks, in the moment of veraison, when the olives start to ripen, changing color from green to red; little, or too much ripeness would not give the result we hope for. Harvest usually starts in the first week of October and goes on until the first days of December. Every variety has its own moment of perfect ripeness. Within 4 hours from the moment the olives have been picked, they will be pressed in our olive-mill.

The Area

The area of Castagneto Carducci and Bolgheri is known for its special microclimate and for its light. Hundred and even thousand-year-old olive trees in the landscape, still producing olives, testify that olive growing is going back very far in history. Light sea winds blow constantly through the leaves and the soil composition, made of clay and limestone, is perfect for this type of cultivation. The local climate avoids sudden changes in temperature and allows every year good harvests, in quantity and in quality.

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