The beginning of Fonte di Foiano goes back to the end of the Seventies: after many years of life spent in Milan, managing a beauty parlour, Michele and Marina decide to realize their dream of starting up an own farm. After having travelled around the whole peninsula, they have chosen the area of Castagneto Carducci – Bolgheri, where the hills of Segalari open up a beautiful view on the sea and the islands. This has been a winning choice, as Bolgheri’s produce has become very well known by the years. A first, centuries-old olive-grove has been put back into production and others have followed little by little; all of them are planted with the varieties Moraiolo, Frantoio, Gremignolo, Leccino. By the years, the desire to experiment and to innovate mounts, in 1986 a new olive-grove is planted and in 1990 an other follows, both are planted with Tuscan varieties not available in the area, such as Pendolino, Maurino, Leccio del Corno, Santa Caterina and with other not Tuscans, like La Coratina, l’Ascolana and le Picholine; a fundamental choice, to produce an olive oil with local and innovative peculiarities at the same time. In the end of the Eighties, the necessity to process the olives directly at the farm becomes more and more important, this way, a personal imprinting can be given to the quality of the oil; 1990 the first oil-mill has been built.

The farm’s philosophy:

We are definitely convinced, that we get the maximum out of the olive-tree, only if we respect the tree and its natural cycle, and that only a steady human control of the olive-grove tells us, when there is need to intervene in the growth of the plant. As Important as the healthy olive on the tree, is the processing that follows: all has to be supervised in every stage and therefore the own oil-mill, as well as storage and bottling at the farm, are essential to get a high quality oil.

Fonte di Foiano Today

The olive-groves have reached about 25 Hectar (about 50 acres) and are fully managed by the two sons, Paolo and Simone. Their constant experimentation and research, concerning both, the olive-grove and the advanced crushing techniques, have lead the farm to be one of the important agricultural enterprises of Bolgheri, with an excellent feedback in Italy and abroad. Today Fonte di Foiano exports in 12 nations and can be purchased in many important Italian sales points.


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